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Katie May is a growing lifestyle brand. With a background in fashion and marketing, Katie May opened up her first clothing store at the young age of 21 years old. She operated it for over 5 years as buyer, manager, and designer creating one of a kind designs. Fast forward to nearly 10 years later, Katie May is married and a mom of two girls. She began designing and making clothing for her adorable girls. Katie had a hard time finding clothes that were both cute, comfortable and affordable. She started making play dresses and day dresses for her girls and what they felt the most comfortable being in. It wasn’t long before her unique styles caught on and she began selling them. Encouraged to start her line by her Instagram followers, she decided to follow her passion and go for it. Now, her collections are available for women and girls. Anyone who really wants to be comfortable and dainty at the same time will find Katie's designs check all the boxes. Along with her clothing designs, you'll find her all natural coconut based skin care line, dry mats, blankets and accessories just as fun and charming. Katie believes in fair market prices and creating a business based off ethical standards. All items are hand made!