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Coco Rose

All natural, organic, all over clean body lotion with rose scent for all skin types.  Head to toe hydration for the whole family, a little bit goes a long way!  Our luxurious coco scoop melts onto your body and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth! Coco scoop comes with a scraping/scooping tool for easy (non clumply) application, scrape with the tool and then rub all over body with hands. Use from head to toe! Compare to the other leading brands at less than half of the cost and our testers think our product is even BETTER!  Looking and feeling good in your skin should't break the bank!  See below to see what else this product can do! 

Size: 2 ounces, travel size OR 8 ounces

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, rose petal extract

OTHER USES // body lotion rub desired amount from head to toe, feels greasy at first but sets in within 3 minuets // face lotion just a dab all over focusing extra under eyes // hair mask  scoop out a palm full for a deep 10 minute hair mask, rinse (careful can make shower slippery) // baby lotion spread on your cute kiddos and rest assured knowing its healthy and non-toxic for them! // belly bump lotion love your bump, add extra to hydrate stretching skin // shaving lotion for the smoothest shave (careful can make shower slippery) // makeup remover dab on a cloth, wipe makeup off // massage oil for a smooth soothing massage // cheek highlighter dab on cheekbones for a dewy glow // Hair Shine concentrate a very small amount on end

If the coco scoop reaches a temperature at 76 degrees or above the product melts and below 32 it freezes.  Bring back to room temperature to re-solidify/soften.  The product is still the same quality. Please store your products out of the sun and at or below room temperature, we recommend 72 degrees.  Most likely your product will be melted when you receive in the summer, before opening the cap store at room temp for at least 12 hours to re-solidify.

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